North Seattle College Emergency Financial Grants - North Students ONLY

Students must be enrolled in the current quarter in order to be eligible for the emergency fund

Emergency Financial Grants are available to support student success, retention, and completion by removing financial barriers for students. These grants are supported by the United Way of King County, Washington State Legislature (through the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges), and private funders.

The grants serve to provide emergency assistance for unforeseen financial barriers that would otherwise cause the student to withdraw from school, such as (but not limited) to: medical care, childcare, and transportation. Students may receive a maximum of $1,000 per quarter. The committee aims to make an awarding decision within 1 business day for emergency assistance.

Eligibility Criteria:
• Be currently enrolled in 6 or more credits at North Seattle College.
• Be a degree or certificate seeking student. Priority will be given to students pursuing their first degree/certificate.
• Students who receive Emergency Funding will be expected to follow-up with a Benefits Hub Coach on campus to receive information and referrals for other income supports and services.
• Students are expected to complete the Student Follow-up Survey once received.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Emergency Financial Assistance Request ($1000 maximum per quarter): Please indicate dollar amount needed below.
    • Auto Expenses (Repairs)
    • Child-Related Expenses
    • Groceries
    • Health-Related Expenses
    • Housing/Rent
    • Other
    • Public Transportation
    • School Equipment (computer, laptop, software, etc.)
    • Textbooks
    • Transportation (Gasoline)
    • Tuition/Fees
    • Utilities
  2. Did you have expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to coronavirus/COVID-19?
  3. Personal Statement: Please describe the emergency related to this request. Include any information that can help us understand why you are requesting funds.
  4. How does this emergency impact your ability to complete this quarter of college?
  5. Do you foresee any factors OTHER than this emergency that may impact your ability to complete this quarter of college? Please explain.
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