Seattle Central College Emergency Funds - Central Students ONLY

Attn! Please do not apply ahead of time for future quarters’ funding. If you would like to apply for next quarter’s funding, you will need to apply once the designated quarter’s application is open. To apply and receive funding for the current quarter, you must be currently enrolled.

The Emergency Fund Program assists students who encounter an unforeseen financial emergency or life event that prevents a student from continuing their education at Seattle Central. Some examples of costs related to immediate or urgent circumstances are:
• Rent
• Uncovered medical/dental expenses related to self, spouse or dependent
• Automobile accident/repairs
• Loss of childcare
Note tuition, books and supplies are not eligible expenses

For more information contact Student Support Programs at

Supplemental Questions
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  3. Last Name/Surname
  4. Preferred Name (If different from above)
  5. Are you currently enrolled at Seattle Central College?
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