Alfie Scholars Program at Seattle University

The Alfie Scholars Program at Seattle University offers a scholarship and special programming for community college transfer students from underrepresented communities who desire to become civility leaders committed to addressing social wrongs through dialogue and action.

The Alfie Scholars Program provides the following:
• $30,000 scholarship over two years
• Civility leadership training
• Intensive summer programs
• Individual advising and instruction
What is an Alfie Scholar?
Alfie Scholars live the mission of being a civility leader by modeling good civility practices in their personal, academic, and professional lives. The community they develop with each other, the Alfie Team, and the larger campus provide foundational support through which the scholars feel valued for who they are and challenged to be their authentic selves and make the world a better place. See how the scholars define in their own words what it means to be an Alfie Scholar.

Who should apply to be an Alfie Scholar?
We are looking for students who are committed to addressing social issues by empowering themselves through personal and intellectual growth, who want to use their voice to enlighten others and speak for the voiceless, and who hope to lead others in making positive social change. If you are such a student, we encourage you to apply.

Applications are on due March 29, 2020