Seattle Central College Professional Development Grant

General Information
Current Seattle Central faculty, classified staff, and exempt employees may request funds for
developing professional growth and improving job performance.

  • Examples of activities previously funded include: skill development trainings, conference &
    workshop registration, related travel expenses, and tuition toward certificates or degrees.
  • This is a reimbursement grant only. Apply as early as possible so your application can be reviewed
    for funding before you commit to the activity; however, the activity must be completed before
    you are eligible for reimbursement.
  • Funds are limited and the grant application is a competitive process. A committee of your peers
    will review applications for completeness and relevance to your work and the college’s priorities.
    Awardees may be requested to serve on the review committees.
  • Reimbursement must be requested within 30 days of completion.
  • Tuition toward a certificate or degree may be requested only one time per employee

Award Amounts
Classified, Professional Staff & Administrators: Up to $1,000
Faculty: Up to $2,000

  • If your award is less than the maximum, you may apply for the remaining amount within the same academic year subject to availability of funding.
  • Faculty awards are supported by the Lockwood Endowment. Staff & Administrator awards are supported by the President’s Fund.

Application Process
Applications are reviewed on a quarterly baisis. Please see deadlines below.

Application 2019-2020 deadlines:
Summer 2019: July 19, 2019
Fall 2019: October 18, 2019
Winter 2020: January 31, 2020
Spring 2020: May 1, 2020

  • Complete all three pages of the application, including all required signatures.
  • Descriptive information about your activity is required
  • Complete and attach a TAR (travel authorization request) or complete all parts of the budget section. Seek assistance from your division support to complete the TAR form.
  • Only classified and professional staff grant applications will be reviewed Summer Quarter.
  • Applicants will be notified of award decisions within 30 days of the application due date. Your award letter will be required as documentation in the reimbursement process.

Questions? Email or call (206) 934-5420
Technical Support? Email

Supplemental Questions
  1. Applicant Information
    • 1. Employment Type
    • 2. Name
    • 3. Division/Department
    • 4. Job Title
    • 5. Brief description of major job duties
    • 6. Mail Stop
    • 7. Daytime Phone
    • 8. Email Address
  2. Basic Activity Description
    • 10. Activity dates
    • 11. Activity Title
    • 12. Activity Type
    • 13. If selected "Other," complete below. Otherwise, type "N/A"
    • 14. State your goals/objectives for this activity and how they relate to your job at Seattle Central College.
    • 9. Activity Location
  3. Activity Details
    • 14. If this activity is a requirement of your job, please explain.
    • 15. How do you plan to share what you've learned with interested colleagues?
    • 16. Briefly describe the activities that will take place.
    • 17. Upload a brochure or flyer that describes the activity. Links are not accepted.
    • 18. Indicate the level of participation in the activity.
    • 19. If "Other," please specify below. Otherwise, enter "N/A."
  4. Is there any additional information you would like the reviewers to know or consider?
  5. Upload Travel Authorization Request (TAR)
  6. Show 11 more