Seattle Rotary

Seattle Rotary

At the Seattle Rotary we are a diverse club filled with professionals in the Seattle area. We have multiple committees who contribute to society in a variety of ways. For instance we have a business mentor program to help small businesses, an Arts committee to contribute to the Arts in the Seattle area.



This scholarship is being sponsored by the education committee. The Education committee provides broad-based support to enhance the education and well being of all youth in our community through three areas of focus: Education of Rotary member; Service to the School Community; and, Recognition of Students and Teachers. With education and youth among the highest service priorities of this club, members have the opportunity to provide leadership and support where it really matters.

John Hrabar is the primary sponsor of this scholarship within the Education Committee and he is an Alumni of Seattle Maritime Academy. John currently holds a 2nd Assistant Engineer’s Unlimited Horsepower Motors license from the USCG.