Les Dames d'Escoffier - Seattle

Les Dames d'Escoffier - Seattle

Our Mission: LDE Seattle contributes to the vitality of the region’s culinary life through two channels: providing women scholarships and mentorship to help them succeed in food, beverage and hospitality careers, and supporting community projects that align with our guiding principles.

Our Vision: LDE Seattle inspires and empowers women in fields of food, beverage, and hospitality, to elevate their careers and develop the next generation of culinary leaders.

We are leaders and innovators in the culinary, fine beverage and hospitality industry here in Seattle, and around the world. Globally, we have 43 chapters in America, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Mexico. Our membership is over 2400 women-strong under the umbrella of Les Dames
D’Escoffier International.


Here in Washington State, we Dames are restaurateurs, chefs, wine makers, marketers, writers, food producers and more! Some of the best loved local brands were started by our members, including Fran’s Chocolates, Macrina Bakery, Le Panier, Pagliacci Pizza, Chukar Cherries, Pike Brewing, to name a
few. We’ve written cookbooks, restaurant reviews, and edited culinary websites. We make wine, beer, pasta, breads, chocolates, pastries and more!

If you ate it, drank it, or read it recently, chances are very good that one of our members was involved!

Please learn more about us at lesdamesseattle.com.
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For more on our international organization, please visit ldei.org.